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New release - Single User sign in and an improved Rounds feature

Posted on 30 January 2018

There will be a new release to CareForIT today. This release implements the Single User sign in, and there is also a big overhaul to the Rounds feature.

Single user sign on

Following on from our correspondence in October 2017 we have introduced single user sign on.

If you share your log in(s) within your organisation, you will be presented with a message when you attempt to access CareForIT if someone is already logged on using your credentials:

Further information regarding the decision behind introducing single user log on can be found here

Edit - if you require guidance on adding new staff please click here. Once added, your staff will need to be granted access to your System, and detail on this can be found here


The Rounds feature within CareForIT has had a major overhaul.

If you select Functions and then Rota you will see that there is now an option for Rounds:

From here, you can use the new Rounds feature:

Full details on using the Rounds are available here

If you have any questions about this new release, please contact the Support team via support@care-for-it.com