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How do I add new members of staff or carers?

Last updated by Laura Nott on August 09, 2019 10:54

From the 'Functions' menu on the left, hover over 'Carer' or 'Staff' (depending on which you would like to add) then choose 'Add Staff' (or 'Add Carer')

In order to add a carer or staff, as a minimum you need to enter Name Date of Birth, Gender and Job Role (all marked by a blue asterisk):

Once you have filled in the required detail, click on 'Add Carer Record' (or 'Add Staff Record') to add them to CareForIT. 

Once you have added the new staff profile, you will need to amend their access level to ensure they are able to access CareForIT. Steps on how to amend access levels can be found here.