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How do I control what system users can see?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on April 26, 2022 15:53

Within CareForIT, you can choose what information different users can see, and you can also control how they access the system. 

You can see the current access levels and types for your organisation, by selecting the all carer or all staff list. The 'Access' and 'Type' columns display the information:

The following table shows what each level of 'Access' allow your carers and staff to see:

To see what is accessible to a Supervisor or a User, please consult the following links:

What can staff with access as Supervisor see?

What can staff with access as User see?

If you have amended a carer or staff member's access level or type, you must remember to save the changes. This is done using the 'Bulk Action' drop down, selecting 'Update User Information' and clicking 'Go':

If you have any questions regarding access levels, please contact the Support Team on 01626 798890, or via support@care-for-it.com