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How the CareForIT Carer App Helps You Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea

Posted on 11 October 2018

Do you ever feel there are not enough hours in the day to fit in everything you need? Why not let the CareForIT Carer apps help you avoid duplicate admin work, freeing up time for a breather and a hot cup of tea for once!

We’ve now had over 2,000 active installs of our amazing Android CareForIT Carer App (2043 to be precise!)

The App is now on version 1.7 and is constantly evolving with the recent addition of forms and bodymaps, and more exciting developments planned for the future.

Lead Developer and App creator, Luke Riley, said, “The CareForIT Carer app on Android has been purpose built to meet the day to day needs of carers. The design and ease of use shows how technology can really be useful in the hands of the carer. In minimal time, the app can help provide better care and truly make a difference.”

It’s all well and good us saying how great we think the app is, but how will it actually help you? Tim Brigham, Registered Manager of Burlington Care based in East Yorkshire, had a whopping 90% of his call monitoring successfully completed over last weekend using just the CareForIT apps – which was over 690 visits! Given that Burlington Care have 100 carers using these apps, you can just imagine the time this saves

Tim said “Staff don’t have any trouble at all using CareForIT – even new starters, they pick up the system really quickly. I have been in care for over 16 years, and CareForIT is the most intuitive system I have used. It is by far and away the best”

Tim is a vital contributor to our User Echo site, where you can log ideas and requests for new features and improvements to CareForIT. He said “The support with the system is second to none and issues are resolved quickly. I like being involved in development with User Echo and giving feedback.”

As checking in and out on the apps auto reconciles your visits, you can save time not reconciling from paper time sheets!

Those lengthy paper MAR charts? They only need filling in once on the CareForIT Carer app and are automatically saved on the desktop site.

Swamped with paperwork full of daily tasks filled in by carers on visits? These can be filled in on the App and then reported on direct from your PC

So what next? The App your carers need depends on the phone they have, if it is an Android device click here and if they are an iPhone user click here. Make sure you have given your carers access to CareForIT (details of this can be found here) then put your feet up and enjoy that hot cuppa.

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