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Sort Your Dashboards, New Print Settings for Schedules, and more!

Posted on 6 March 2017

Here are the latest updates to CareForIT. Our development team are working hard to ensure that CareForIT remains the most suitable Care Management System for Care Organisations in the UK!

New Features:

  • Add addendums that appear at the end of client and staff schedules. These can be edited from within app settings.
  • New print settings for schedules. These include configurable columns (location and assignment type) and allow for either portrait or landscape. These settings are saved per template and on a per user basis.
  • The font for headings in printed careplans has been amended so that headings are larger than the font used for the content of the careplan.
  • A new pdf rendering engine for careplans and schedules. This means faster and more reliable pdf generation. If you have struggled to open careplan pdf’s in Adobe reader or other software, this will now be resolved. Due to the new renderer, templates and careplans may look slightly different, unfortunately this is unavoidable, however, if you notice any significant changes don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team. We will switch all pdf generation to this renderer in the future but invoices and other pdf’s still currently use the old renderer - watch this space!
  • New MAR administration option of ‘Out of Supply’ has been added to the MAR chart.
  • All MAR administration options available on the desktop site are now also available on mobile.
  • New drag and drop sortable dashboards so you can reorder the information to prioritise dashboards that are important to you. Drag by the title and drop to reorder.
  • New login page, which also shows users the latest CareForIT news.
  • Ability to add night rates to pay rate card

Bug Fixes

  • Only notes marked ‘visible to carer’ will now display on the mobile version of CareForIT. Previously all notes were being displayed.
  • Resetting the password from a member of staff’s page changed their access type. This has been fixed so their access type remains the same.
  • Location invoice template now shows location and time correctly. It also now has a column for expenses instead of mileage (mileage is included in expenses).
  • Medication that has been scheduled to start in the future can now be edited.

If there are features you would like to see added to a future CareForIT release, please let us know.