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New release! Updates to Notes, Dashboards, Visits and more...

Posted on 7 February 2017


We have made a new release to CareForIT. Please see below for further details:

Deleting Notes

You are now able to specify whether you want deleted notes to appear struck through or completely hidden. This can be changed within your 'App Settings':

Dashboard Reports

You can now customise your user dashboard with dashboard reports. The following are currently available:

1) Callouts per Client

2) Client summary

3) Staff Contracted Hours

This can be selected from the settings tab of your profile.

Visits Backup

You can now choose to get an email of the following day’s visits emailed to you in case of system availability errors. To choose to receive this email, which will go to the company email address specified in the Company Details, choose from the drop down in the ‘App Settings’:

Once switched on, you will receive a pdf of the following day's visits at midnight:

Undelivered email alerts

If you send an email out through the system, and the email fails, administrators will now be alerted via events on their dashboard:

Rota date

When a rota is sent out through CareForIT, the date will now be saved in the corresponding note:

Future Medication

Any medication that you add to a Client that is dated to start in the future, now shows on the Medication section of the Care Plan:

If you have any questions about the release, please contact the Support Team by calling 01626 798890, or by emailing support@care-for-it.com