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New MAR chart enhancements

Posted on 11 January 2017

Following customer feedback, we have made some enhancements to the MAR chart functionality within CareForIT. As well as fixes to technical issues, the changes are as follows:


Medication start and end dates now show under the medication name if the start or end date is within the current week (if applicable):

For any days which are outside the start and end date, these are automatically marked as N/A:

 This will also show on the printed version of the MAR chart:


The aesthetics have been updated to make the interface clearer:

All actions recorded on the MAR chart now show the staff initial in brackets next to the key:

A quantity (QTY) column has been added to show the quantity of medication actioned:


There are now separate sections for you to log allergies and notes:

The notes can be entered via CareForIT, and will show on the printed version

Alternatively, you can leave the boxes blank and on the printed MAR chart, they will show as empty boxes allowing handwritten notes to be added as necessary:STAFF SIGNATURE

When the MAR chart is printed, there is now a staff signature row at the end of each day for the carer to sign:

If you would like further information on using MAR charts, or you would like to upgrade your subscription to include

MAR charts, please contact the Support Team on 01626 798890, or by emailing support@care-for-it.com