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CareForIT Exciting Announcement - Referral Scheme!

Posted on 7 March 2019

CareForIT Exciting Announcement!

Word around the CareForIT block says there is a new referral scheme for existing customers! You’re probably sat there wondering ‘what does that mean?’ or if you got here by clicking to find out more (you’re wild, we like you) you’re probably wondering if it really is as simple as 1,2,3! The simple answer is YES! 

Our new referral scheme includes a little help from you and in return we’ll send you a little reward so you can treat yourself!

Step 1) Refer somebody like yourselves to us

Step 2) We get in contact with them and they sign with us

Step 3) We send you a £50 voucher

Please note: You must make sure they inform us of your name and company in order to send you your gift. Vouchers will only be sent to customers who refer somebody that signs with us.

Happy referring and keep your eye out for that gift!