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New legislation for itemised payslips

Posted on 24 January 2019

On 6th April 2019 the Employment Rights Act 1996 legislation changes.

The two main points are

1\ Payslips to state the number of hours that are being paid where wages vary according to the time worked.

We are pleased to inform you that payslips generated by CareFor IT are compliant with the above legislation. Example of a weekly payslip can be seen below

2\ The other change requires a written itemised pay statement to contain details such as the gross amount of wages, the amounts of any deductions to the gross amount, the net wages that are to be paid and, where different parts of the net amount are paid in different ways, the amount and method of each part-payment.

This is the responsibility of the employer to supply a payslip with gross pay, net pay, tax code, national insurance, pension contribution, etc. This information is not generated by CareForIT. 

More information on changes can be found at the following locations