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NEW! Effective dates for Promotions and more...

Posted on 26 March 2018

We will be releasing an updated version of CareForIT on 27/03/2018, it includes a combination of bugs fixes and new features from UserEcho. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Effective Date for Promotion

If you promote a member of staff midway through a payroll period, you can now store the effective date of the promotion. Use the new "Effective Date" field on the staff profile.

Select All on Staff List View

When you use the Select All checkbox on the All Staff view, this will now ask whether you want to include all records and not just the 20 which are visible.

Bulk "Email Rota" to save each roate as a PDF in carer notes

Last generated Client schedule to be saved

These suggestions both came from UserEcho. Sending schedules / rotas to either clients or staff will now place a copy on their notes. This ensures that you have a history of all schedules sent.