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Improve Call Monitoring

Posted on 15 July 2020

We are currently rolling out an update to our GPS Call Monitoring on the CareFor Carer Mobile app.

Feedback from users indicated that GPS is not always as accurate as you would like it to be. This is due to factors out of our control, for example, the specification of your mobile phone, the strength of the GPS signal and environmental factors such as tall buildings or trees (which can all affect the signal).

We are adding iBeacon capability to CareFor Carer to improve the accuracy of GPS Call monitoring.


What are iBeacons?

iBeacons are small Bluetooth devices, roughly the size of a box of matches. They provide a low energy Blue Tooth signal, which can be detected by the CareFor Carer Mobile App.

iBeacons can be easily affixed to the wall of a service users home, close to the front door. 

When checking in, CareFor Carer can then check both the GPS signal and the iBeacon signal. It is then possible to estimate whether the carer is within 10 metres of the iBeacon. 

We recommend that carers check-in to a visit as they reach a service users front door. They can then focus 100% on delivering great care as soon as they enter the property.

Why Are iBeacons Better Than The Alternatives?

All Call Monitoring methods are fallible. 

  • QR Codes can easily be copied and scanned from anywhere
  • GPS coordinates can be inaccurate
  • Anyone can telephone a landline number
  • NFC tags can only be used on Android phones (Apple blocks use by developers of their NFC chip)

We believe that combining iBeacon data with GPS data gives the highest level of confidence for any call monitoring system. The carer must be close to the iBeacon to get a signal and if the iBeacon has been moved, the expected GPS data will be different.

Carers can focus on care as soon as they enter the property. No more need to make a phone call or scan a QR code once they're in the property but before they start the visit. From the moment a carer enters a service users home, they are dedicated to the needs of that service user.

Is There Any Additional Cost?

There is no additional monthly cost to use iBeacons, however, you will need to make a one-off purchase of iBeacons for each property. These must be purchased from CareFor IT and they cost £20+VAT each. 

iBeacons are transferrable between properties.

How Do I Get Started?

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