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Exciting news! We’re enhancing CareFor to support our new 5 Step Model of Better Care.

Posted on 25 November 2019

Dear Customer,

Exciting news! We’re enhancing CareFor to support our new 5 Step Model of Better Care.

This week (week commencing 25th November 2019) you will see some new features in CareFor.

To improve your day to day experience, we are standardising views across CareFor, this is ongoing work and we hope you are finding navigation of the system is improving.

Additionally, a new PLAN section has been added to your menu:

From the PLAN menu you can access:

Route Optimisation

Route Optimisation allows you to PLAN rounds for the next day in the most optimal way. It has been developed to support Reablement services, where the workload changes on a daily basis.

Rounds are optimised for shortest journey, minimum number of staff or shortest day. It works best when Continuity of Care is not the most important factor.

Updated Rounds

We have improved how rounds work. Visits which have not yet been planned on rounds for the selected day are listed on the left hand side. Drag and drop visits into a round and see the route between visits on the map, allowing sufficient time for travel and preparation.

It’s easy and efficient to PLAN a carers day using rounds. Planning with rounds avoids clashing visit times, accounts for travel time and allows sufficient visit preparation time. It’s designed for Domiciliary Care users, where continuity of care is important.

There are also improvements within the FINANCE menu:

Banded Charges

A new rate card charging option called Banded Rate has been added. You can configure charge rates based on a band of time.

For example, you may work with a local authority which you charge £3.78 for any calls which last between 0-23 minutes; £7.56 for any call which lasts 30-44 minutes; £11.34 for calls which last 45-59 minutes; and calls of 60 minutes or more are charged at £15.12. The bands and charges are fully configurable.

Visit types variable rate has been renamed Pro Rata Rate.

Freedom and flexibility. Within the Pro Rata Rate you are no longer restricted to the time boundaries of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Now you can create additional boundaries as required. This allows you to charge for your time in a much more flexible way.

Pro Rata charge rates are ideal if you charge by the minute, for example, if you have a Pro Rata charge of £15.12 per 60 minutes, a 40 minute call would be charged at £10.08 (⅔ of the 60 minute Pro Rata Rate).

The changes to Pro Rata Rates do not affect minimum charge, charging units or booking fee settings.

Please be aware that there may be a limited impact to your CareFor service whilst the upgrade takes place.

If you experience any issues or unexpected errors during of after the upgrade, please logout of CareFor desktop and log back in.

For any other issues or concerns please contact the support team:


01626 798 890, Option 2