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Reactivating a previously archived client profile

Last updated by Claire Sillito on November 09, 2023 12:46

If a Client comes back to use your service, you don't need to add a new profile for them. You can easily reactivate their old profile.

Some points to think of when making a Client active again - before updating their Care Plan, you may wish to download the current version. You may also want to have a Note Category allowing you to log when a Client restarts with you.

You can find your Archived Clients via Functions - Client - View Clients, and then clicking the Archived Clients button

Locate the Client in the list, add a tick to the left hand box and from the Bulk Action drop down choose Make Client Account Active

This will move the selected Client back to the Active Client list

You will then need to open the Client's profile and access the Referral Details section. From here, remove the Service End Date

Once you have removed any end dates, please ensure you Save Changes

You can also use the Services Referred section to log the new Service Dates when the client returns

Once the above has been completed, you can then add the new visits to the Client's Care Plan