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How do I make a staff member inactive?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on November 09, 2023 12:27

From the 'Functions' menu on the left, hover over 'Carer' or 'Staff' (depending on which you would like make inactive) then choose 'View Staff' (or 'View Carer').

Within the View Staff list, you need to select the drop down list within the 'Active' Column and select 'In-Active'. You will notice once you have amended the active column, a tick appears to the left of the staff ID number to inform you changes have been made to this profile.

If you have amended a carer or staff member's access level or type, you must remember to save the changes. This is done using the 'Bulk Action' drop down, selecting 'Update User Information' and clicking 'Go':

To make a carer or staff member active, you would need to follow the initial steps to 'View Staff', then click into the In-Active Staff' list at the top of the page.

Within this list, you need to amend the 'Active' column and use the 'Bulk Action' drop down, selecting 'Update User Information' and clicking 'Go'. 

The carer or staff member will then show under the 'Active Staff' list.

Once the staff member has been made inactive, this will remove them from all future visits they are allocated to and will remove any access they had to the system.

If you have any questions regarding access levels, please contact the Support Team at support@care-for-it.com