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Can I add overnight assignments and live in care?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on September 28, 2023 11:52

To add an overnight assignment, you need to create the assignment by either adding a one off assignment or a regular one within a care plan. Add your start time as normal, by selecting the start time from the "Start Time" drop down. The time the assignment ends now needs to be TYPED in manually as it may not show the "End Time" drop down. Click 'Add to Care Plan' to save.

To add a 'Live In' assignment or 24 hour care, again choose the start and end times - please note, it may show the assignment will take 0 minutes but once you add to the Care Plan it will save correctly:

To amend the assignment to allow you to split the 24 hours to be allocated to different Carers, first locate the assignment in the List View:

Click on the Assignment number (or the TBC if there is no assignment number), and then once in the Assignment, select the 'Schedule' tab. You can then use the actions drop down to add another row:

You can then alter the start and end times/dates to allow you to create slots to allocate to your Carers:

If you access the 'List View' again, you can see the assignment has been split: