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Finance Tab - Creating Invoices

Last updated by Claire Sillito on March 27, 2024 15:03

For invoicing via the finance tab please see our online tutorial.

To create your invoices, you need to go to the Functions menu and click Finance and go to Accounts.

Input the date you wish to run the account report for and once there, click the advanced settings and you can choose whether you want to charge for actual or scheduled time.

The screenshot demonstrates what to do if wanting to charge for scheduled time and if you want to create invoices for individual clients. You must make sure ‘group by client’ is highlighted and once happy, click Get Accounts.

Clicking the plus symbol next to the client name will select all visits for that client that need to be invoiced for. Then from the Bulk Action menu select create invoice and click go. Please note that if you wish to include overnight visits on the last day of your invoicing period, you will need to extend your date range by one day, and then untick the visits which do not require invoicing currently.

The pop up displayed will ask you what invoicing template you’d like to use, once selected click generate invoice.

Your invoices will then be generated in the background, meaning that you can navigate away from this page and carry on with any other task whilst waiting. Clicking the top right-hand corner tool bar will instruct you of how far along CareFor is with this process.

Once the status is complete, click the job that is completed and then in this a pdf format of your generated invoices will open.