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​What is the difference between Telephone Logging, QR Code Logging or GPS Logging?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on April 30, 2024 16:53

Call monitoring is the practise of using a mobile or landline to log into an assignment when they arrive and then again log out when they leave. This is becoming very popular and considered the norm across the United Kingdom. Call monitoring allows you to have proof that your carer has arrived at the service users home and a record of the times they are there for.

CareFor currently supports three different methods of Call Monitoring –

1-Telephone Logging – This is where you would use a free-phone line using a number rented from us via your CareFor system. When your carer arrives at the service users property they call that specific number and an automation will ask for a 4 digit PIN number. This is specific to each carer and must not be swapped or given to anybody. This will log the carer into the system, and repeat this when the carer leaves to log out. As an extra security measure, you can restrict the call logging number to the service users phone line. This means the carer can only use the service users telephone to log in instead of their mobiles. (Please note that line rental and call charges apply for this method.)

2-QR Code Logging – This is a form of Call Logging that requires a Carer to have a smart phone. The Carer downloads a QR Code reader (these are free from the app store/android store) and uses it to take a photo of the QR Code. This will send the Carer through to the mobile version of the site to log into the system. The same process is repeated when they leave. QR Codes are printed from the system within the care plan.

3-GPS Logging - The is a form of Call Logging that requires a carer to have a smart phone and uses GPS (Global Positioning System). Two conditions need to be met before the carer can log in –

1.The carer needs to be at the property of the Service User (the latitude & longitude are recorded in the service user's profile under the 'Property' tab)


2.The carer must be at the location at the right time ( or 30 mins either side of the start time.)

Please note, these apply to all forms of logging in –

-If an assignment started 11am, they would have 30 minutes either side of that starting time to log in.

-If a carer doesn’t log in during this window of time then you will be notified they haven’t signed in.

-If they are late (You can predetermine that length of time via “App Settings”) then it will send you a notification informing you they were late.

-The "view assignments" page will also alert you as to the status of each and every visit in real time using a traffic light colouring system: 

Red meaning they haven’t signed in, 

Amber meaning they have signed in and the visit is in progress, 


Green meaning they have successfully signed in and have signed out.