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​What are the three forms of Call Logging?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on September 28, 2023 11:54

CareForIT currently offers three ways to log a Carers attendance to assignments, they are –

Telephone Call Logging – Using a telephone line to call, and enter a PIN code to check in and out of assignments. You can use mobiles or the Service Users landline but please note that line rental and call charges apply.

QR Code Logging – Using QR Codes to access the CareForIT mobile site to check in and out of assignments. This is a free service, where QR Code readers are downloaded free from the App Store or Android Store and the QR Codes themselves are printed from the system.
Please note – This service does require your carer to have a smart phone and some network signal to access the site.

GPS Logging – Using a Global Positioning System (GPS). This method works where the carer is in the right location at the right time, and checks in using their phone.
Please note - This method requires the carers to have smart phones and network signal to access the site.

Should you have any issues or questions regarding this topic, please drop us an email at support@care-for-it.com