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I use landline monitoring - why are my carers being checked in incorrectly?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on December 15, 2022 12:37

If your company uses landline call monitoring, and you are having issues with the call records displayed, the following detail may assist you.

When the carer calls the number, three things are checked by CareFor:

  • Carer PIN
  • Time of check in/out
  • Phone number they are calling from

The landline check in/out procedure is as follows:

  • Carer calls your landline number
  • The call is answered after one ring with the recording stating " Hello, please enter your PIN followed by the hash key"
  • Once the PIN has been entered, the recording states " <carer name> you are visiting <client name>. You have checked in at <time>. If this is incorrect please press 2"
  • If the incorrect visit has registered, your carer must press 2. If the visit is correct, they will be told "bye" and the call will disconnect.
  • If they need to amend, after pressing 2, the recording states "Please enter the assignment ID followed by the hash key"
  • Once your carer has entered the correct assignment/visit number and pressed the hash key they will be checked into the corresponding call and the call will disconnect.

If the landline the carers are calling from is ex-directory, withheld or the number has not been associated with a client on the system, then the entry will show on the Call Record report as ANONYMOUS: