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How do I integrate with CM2000

Last updated by Claire Sillito on November 18, 2022 15:38

If you are requested to use CM2000 by your local authority for the purposes of call monitoring, you can integrate CareFor with CM2000.

From the setting menu go to App Settings and then select the Integrations tab.

You will need to complete the CM2000 section.

CM2000 will provide you with a location, username and password, they should also tell you whether you are integrating with Call Confirm Live! (CCL) or Live Integrate!

If you are using LiveIntegrate! you will also need to enter an Agency ID (also provided by CM2000).

  • Location will look similar to: ftp.callconfirm.com
  • Username will look similar to: sat_agencyname
  • Password will look similar to: sat_agencyname

Finally you will need to select which funder(s) visits to send to CM2000. For example, if you are sending all visits for a local authority, select that local authority as the funder.

Once all fields have been added, click the Save button.