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How to Use CAREBooster

Last updated by Jasmine Parr on March 23, 2020 16:52

If you do not currently use CareFor and would like to see how CAREBooster can assist you please click here to start your free trial

Step 1:  From the Functions menu go to Plan and then select Route Optimisation. 

Step 2: Select the date you’d like to create a route for. 

Step 3: On the left hand-side select both the visits and the staff members you’d like to allocate the visits to.

Step 4: Once selected click route and CAREBooster will then create the most efficient and time saving route for your staff members. Once created, you should then be able to see the planned journey for your selected staff and the allocated visits.

Clicking and using the filter button functionality next to the visits gives you the option of filtering by visit times, visit types, whether a call is allocated, and the number of hands needed for a visit.

Step 5: When you have finished planning all your routes, click confirm and CAREBooster will have efficiently allocated your visits to staff members for that day.