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How do I customise my dashboard?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on August 11, 2022 14:38

      To customise the view that you see on your dashboard within CareFor, you first need to select your own profile. From your profile, choose the last tab called 'Settings', and then tick to choose which information you want to see on your screen:

      • All upcoming assignments: This shows a list of all upcoming assignments

      • Call monitoring alerts: This will show you details of missed/late calls if you have notifications switched on
      • System information: This displays a pie chart of all assignments for the current week   
      • Upcoming birthdays: This will show all upcoming birthdays for staff, carers and clients          
      • Visa dates - any visas that are due to expire will flag up here  


      • Task list: If you set a review date on a client’s care plan, this will trigger an alert here    
      • Training: Based on the reminder period you have set on any training, skills or qualifications, you will be notified in advance of them expiring here