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How do I add an Assignment Type?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on April 26, 2022 15:53

If you provide different types of care or support, you can add each of these assignment types to CareForIT - examples could include:

- Absence
- Sick Leave
- Cancellation
- Morning Call
- Lunch Call
- Dinner Call
- Bedtime Call
- Companionship Call
- Enabling Call 

Firstly, click on the 'Assignment Types tab under the 'Settings' menu. You can then enter the assignment type name in the 'Assignment Type Title' box and choose if the assignment type relates to a particular service type, and also the type of assignment it is. Once you have done this click the "Add New Assignment Type' button. In the below example, the new assignment type is a 'Cleaning Visit' which relates to 'Dom Care' and is an 'Assignment'

You can change the settings for each assignment type by selecting the cog symbol to the right of the assignment type you wish to edit.

Once selected, you can choose if a certain training, skill or qualification has to be completed before this assignment can be assigned to a member of staff. You can also assign a colour to the assignment type and even change its characteristic. In the below, you can see for the 'Cleaning Visit' it has been set to last for 60 minutes, with a start time of 11.00am.