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How do I add Training, Skills & Qualifications to Staff Records?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on August 09, 2019 09:54

These are recorded under the "Trg/Skills/Quals" tab on the carers profile. You will need to select the training skill or qualification from the drop down list, and add the "Certification and or License Number" in the box next to it. Then, add the date acquired, and the expiry to the relevant boxes. The paid box should be left as £0.00 if the qualification isn't being paid by the member of Staff. 

You can add a scan or image of the certification, this is done by pressing the "Choose File" button and locating the file - please note this must be either a .jpg or PDF. Click 'Upload' to attach to the entry. To save the details you have entered, click "Add Training/Skill/Qualification"

The newly added training, skill or qualification will then appear in the table:

If you are adding a Training, Skill or Qualification to replace one that has expired, all entries for that type will appear in an expandable list, giving you a full audit trail: