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​What is the “Relatives Portal” and how can I use it?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on February 07, 2023 13:55

The “Relatives Portal” is a feature on the system that allows the Service Users family to log into a specially built version on the system where they can see their own loved ones details.

What can I see on the Relatives Portal?

When logged in, the relative will be able to click their relatives profile to view further information. 

Relatives can view the following information - 

- The Service User's Careplan

- Details of any medication added for the Service User

- Notes added by Carers during visits

- Recent visit information

Clicking through to each heading will show further information. Relatives can also add notes from the Relatives Portal.

How do I access the Relatives Portal?

Access for the portal is granted by the care provider through CareFor, for more information on this click here . Once relatives have been allowed access to the Relatives Portal, they will be sent an email invitation. The email address becomes the relatives’ username and they will need to set a password to access the portal.

Please note that relatives can only see their own loved ones, and no others.