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App settings explained

Last updated by Laura Nott on February 08, 2019 14:20

You can customise aspects of CareForIT to suit your company. You can do this under the "App Settings" tab, found under the "Settings" menu

Company Logo - here you can upload the logo for your company. It must be less than 2MB in size. Once uploaded, this will then appear in the top left of CareForIT, and also appear on care plans, invoices and staff ID cards.

Company Information

  • Company Name: - This is your company name - if you are a franchise then put the franchisee name.
  • Company Address: - This is the address for the office. If a large company then it is Head Office.
  • Telephone: - This is your office number, or the number you would circulate to your clients.
  • Telephone (Out Of Hours): - Your out of hours number.
  • Company Email Address: - Your Company email address where basic correspondence would go to.
  • Company Registration: - Your Registered Company number as registered by Company House. (Only required for Limited companies.)
  • CQC Reference - This is your individual CQC Reference that you have been given by the Care Quality Commission.:
  • Charity Number: - If your company is a charity, enter the registration number here.
  • VAT Registration: - If you are VAT registered, the number belongs in this box.
  • VAT Rate: (Percent) - The VAT you charge, this will always be current national VAT levels. (e.g. 20%)
  • Payment Timespan: (days) - This is where you denote how many day a client has to pay your invoices from the date it is sent.
  • Payment Info: - Use this box to relay any messages meant for a payer such as "Please make cheques payable to" or Account details so client can transfer payments.

System Settings

  • Schedule Template: - This denotes the layout of rotas - Condensed, Continuous and Day Per Page. Condensed is recommended as it uses less paper to print.
  • Year Start: - This denotes when the new year starts and when holiday is renewed. Some have it to match the year (January - December) and some will have it to match the financial year (April - March).
  • Week Start Day: - This denotes what day your rotas start on in the week. (E.g. Monday - Sunday or Sunday - Saturday.)
  • Deleted Notes: - You can chose how you would like deleted notes to show on CareForIT, either with a strike through or hidden.
  • Show Service User Address: - This option will allow you to print the Service Users address on the rotas for new carers who do not know where they are going. Please note - activating this will make it active for ALL rotas.
  • Late Notification:- This is only used if you plan on using Call Monitoring. This is where you can set what time is acceptable and what you class as late. If the carer signs in after the time you set, it will send a late notification to you.
  • Late Notification: (Time) - This is the time that is deemed as late. Anything within this range is fine, beyond it is late.
  • Reconcile on Invoice: - Do you want assignments to be automatically reconciled on invoicing?
  • Edit Times on Invoice Assignments: - Do you want assignments to have their actual times modified even after they have been invoiced?
  • Notification Schema: - You can select how you wish to receive notifications from the system.
  • Minimum Charging Units: - This is blocks of time that you charge in. For example, if it was set to 5 minutes and a visit lasts for 32 minutes, it would be round up and charged for 35 minutes.
  • Charge Rounding Policy: - When rounding charges for your clients, do you round up or to the nearest charging unit?
  • Minimum Charge: - This is the minimum amount of time that you would charge for. E.g. 15 mins for quarter of an hour or 30 mins for half an hour, if either of those are your shortest visits.
  • Staff Pay Capping: - How are your staff paid with respect to the actual times recorded.
  • Minimum Pay: - This is the minimum amount of time that you would pay your carers for. E.g. 15 mins for quarter of an hour or 30 mins for half an hour if either of those are your shortest visits.
  • Daytime Hours: - This is the window of time where you pay day time rates. Anything outside of this window of time will automatically default to evening rates.
  • Charging Structure: - Do you charge a fee for a Service User to book visits?
  • Invoice Print Type: - PDF & DOCX. PDF is the usual type to view files of this nature.
  • Assignments Print Type: - This should be left as "Standard"
  • Send Daily Schedule: - If yes is selected, a PDF of the following days schedule will be sent to the company email address each day around midnight.

Mileage Settings

  • Staff Mileage Rate: - This is the rate in pence that you PAY carers mileage (per mile)
  • Client Mileage Rate: - This is the rate in pence that you CHARGE service users mileage (per mile).
  • Default Travel Type: - Assignments will default to this using this travel type unless a member of staff has a preferred travel type set. This can be set individually within the carers profile.
  • Time Between Bookings: - This denotes how much time is acceptable to before you withdraw mileage to the next block of calls. (For example, if a carer has calls from 9am - 1pm then does not have any calls until 6pm, would you pay mileage to the carer to go to their 6pm visit after a 5 hour gap? This option means if more than the time in the box passes, it will remove the mileage to go to the first call of the second block. Please note, if you don't pay carers mileage for the first visit of the day then that is amended in Payroll not in App Settings.
  • Do you pay staff travel ? : - This relates to "Travel Time" NOT Mileage. If you don't pay carers travel time then this should be set to no. If yes, then adjustments to the times are made in the Payroll.