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What are the new eBrokerage features?

Last updated by Laura Nott on May 08, 2019 09:34

Enhanced Map Functionality

Brokers will now be able to determine the location of a package of care on the map from the all packages page.

By clicking on the packages on the left hand side the rows will be highlighted in grey and the pin will be highlighted on the map.

Now when adding a package you will now see a view button next to the postcode field. Click on view and this will show you a blue pin on the map.

Selecting a provider from the possible provider list will show you a red pin on the map. This denotes locations of the packages of care that the selected possible provider has. This will allow the broker to see if the possible providers have work nearby to the care package being created.

Care Home Bed Tracker

If you are a Care Home provider the brokers need to know the amount of beds you have available, before determining the provider the package of care gets assigned to.

From the New Provider page you can now set up a provider with the option of Care home beds.

If yes is selected the provider will receive a daily request to confirm how many of the selected beds are available. Once any provider contact clicks confirm the message will not appear until the next day.

The type of beds listed here are for illustrative purposes. These can be change as required.