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​Why is my Carer being removed from Assignments?

Last updated by Laura Nott on June 22, 2018 13:02

There are a few reasons a Carer could have been removed from an assignment, it will be a rare event for the system to remove someone, and impossible for the system to remove someone for no reason.

Please check the following parameters before contacting us on this issue.

-Was the Carer assigned at all?

-Was the Carer removed by one of your administrators? (This information can be checked in your Application Log under 'Reports'.)

-Were the assignment times changed at any point? (If the Carer wasn’t available at the new time it would un-assign them.)

-Was there a change to the “Regular Visit” in the Care Plan?

-Was the Service User suspended and unsuspended at any point?

-Were the “Regions” changed?

-Were Qualifications added to the “Assignment Type” that the assigned Carer didn’t have?

-Was the Assignment Type changed?