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​Why is my Carer being removed from Assignments?

Last updated by Claire Sillito on August 05, 2022 11:44

There are a few reasons a Carer could have been removed from an assignment, it will be a rare event for the system to remove someone, and impossible for the system to remove someone for no reason.

Please check the following parameters report before contacting us on this issue.

- Was the Carer assigned at all?

- Was the Carer removed by one of your administrators? (This information can be checked in your Application Log under 'Reports'.)

- Were the assignment times changed at any point? (If the Carer wasn’t available at the new time it would un-assign them.)

- Was there a change to the “Regular Visit” in the Care Plan?

- Was the Service User suspended and unsuspended at any point?

- Were the “Regions” changed?

- Were Qualifications added to the “Assignment Type” that the assigned Carer didn’t have?

- Was the Assignment Type changed?