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​My CareFor system seems slow.

Last updated by Claire Sillito on August 05, 2022 11:41

My CareForIT system seems slow.

This could happen for many reasons, many of which are listed here –

- Slow Internet connection.

- Are you using an outdated web browser?

- Are you running a report for large periods of time? This involves plenty of calculation which may cause the system to slow down.

- Is your computer running too many processes in the background which will use a lot of processing power?

- Have you cleared out your Browser Cache? Browser history and cached files cause your internet to slow down. It advised that you clean this out frequently, using a good Browser/Cache / System cleaner.

- Have you de-fragmented your computer, this will help speed the running of your computer up.

- It may be a busy period of the day, and whilst efforts are made to combat this, it can be difficult to gauge when busy periods will be.

Please check these points before contacting Support as it is probable one of these is the cause.